Who are we


SoCook was founded by Mandy Winder a huge foodie who loves cooking at home for her friends and family.

In recent years she had noticed both in her own life and that of her friends that the ability to decide what to eat and actually find time to shop and cook at home when our lives are so busy and complex was eroding the pleasure of being able to enjoy good food.

Spotting a huge opportunity to alleviate this pressure and make the experience of cooking at home enjoyable once more, she had the inspiration to create SoCook. In her professional life Mandy has been heavily involved in developing technology to improve people’s digital experiences and out of her own busy lifestyle the concept of the SoCook and the Virtual HomeCook app was realised.

Delicious Home Cooking Made simple

The Virtual HomeCook is your virtual kitchen assistant designed to make cooking your evening meal simple give it a try 

What we do

Our Mission

Initially a source of delicious, mouth-watering meal ideas SoCook quickly evolved and the home cooking assistant app Virtual HomeCook was born, providing a unique way for everyone to enjoy great food at home as it organises what to have for dinner around our busy and hectic lives.

Mandy’s key mission with the Virtual HomeCook is to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy great food in the comfort of their own home, with personalised meal plans catering to specific requirements and the added benefit of ready made shopping lists! The library of fantastic recipes, is constantly updated with the very latest food trends and caters to a wide range of tastes and lifestyle preferences. Mandy and her team are continuously looking to understand the eating and shopping habits of the nation and create apps that make cooking and eating a simple joy.

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