Weekend Treats Meal Plan

Three delicious recipes perfect for a weekend of tasty treats. 

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Have a weekend off and treat yourself to some delicious recipes. Friday, chicken goujons wraps with parmesan mayo. The chicken goujons are coated in a mixture of breadcrumbs and Italian herbs and baked in the oven till crisp. The goujons are wrapped in a tortilla wrap with balsamic roasted cherry tomatoes, sliced avocados, green salad leaves and a garlic mayo. The goujon wrap is served with spicy paprika sweet potato chips. Saturday, duck breast with white bean ragout, this recipe is simple to cook but taste delicious, The duck breast is pan fried skin side down to ensure a crispy skin, the duck breast is sliced and served on a bed of ragout. The ragout is a creamy mixture of crispy smoked bacon, cabbage, onions, peas, cannellini beans and cream flavoured with garlic, white wine and thyme. Sunday, pasta carbonara with spinach balls, Al dente tagliatelle coated in a gooey sauce of crispy bacon, eggs, parmesan and smoky bacon. The creamy pasta is served with crispy spinach balls made with spinach, breadcrumbs, garlic, nutmeg and parmesan, 

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  • people who love cooking modern recipes

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Top Tips

  • for an extra special treat you can fry the chicken goujons instead of oven bake them