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SoCook focuses on cooking from scratch, ensuring that the majority of dishes are healthy and cooked with fresh ingredients, so this category is a selection of our very healthy meals!

The recipes below are full of fresh ingredients, low fat meats and vegetable proteins, amazing vegetables packed with a multitude of vitamins and minerals and delicious fish recipes full of natural oils. This recipe collection will give you all you require for a healthy well balanced diet. 

Check out our recipes, and choose from our low cost veggie mushroom and pearl barley stuffed peppers, our Mexican lime, avocado and bean burritos or our chicken vegetable stir-fry  We guarantee our healthy dinners will help you on your way to your five a day.

If you would like to eat a healthier diet but just don't have the time to plan and prepare it then have a look at our healthy recipe app the Virtual HomeCook. Our app will plan a delicious menu of healthy recipes for the entire month personalised to your tastes. It also provide you with a full shopping list, making it incredibly simple to eat a healthy balanced diet.